Monday, February 13, 2012

somerset studio gallery

i will forever be thankful for mondo beyondo for introducing me to the idea of putting my dreams out there, no matter how ridiculous they may sound.  because, you know what, the universe really does listen.  and funny how those silly 'dreams' of mine are slowly but surely coming to fruition. one. by. sweet. one. 

and now, yet another one is unfolding as i write.  a total and complete unexpected surprise.  looks like one of my pieces i created in misty's online class last year, is going to be published in one of the expressions pages of the Summer 2012 Somerset Studio Gallery publication.  imagine that?  so so so thrilled about this.

and you know that theory of 190 degrees of separation.  yeah, well..  that too is so right on.

ran into carolanne, a coworker who totally rocked my world last week.  she loved my dashiki my mom made using the anna maria horner fabric and raw canvas that i happened to have on.  she's an avid quilter.  i knew i liked her right away!

she told me about the workroom in toronto.  a local joint where i could learn to sew, and quilt, and take all kinds of affordable classes.  or just hang out with like minded crafters.  and buy all kinds of fabulous fabrics.  TOTALLY thrilled.  karyn, the mastermind behind this shop, also has a fabulous blog. 

you know my saga of wanting to learn to sew and my frustrations at breaking machines, and bobbin trouble, and well.  just. plain. suckage at it.  well, i haven't given up. perhaps this class will be my lucky charm.  and perhaps learn to sew so i can put to use all that fabric i've been buying and hoarding.  shit, if i can get published, i can do this.  right? 

anyway, small world cause the beloved CAL PATCH taught a class there this past may.  wish i had known that i would have loved to say hi to  her.  and the lovlies from LETTUCE KNIT have also taught here.  it's only my favorite yarn store, and right around the corner from work, in the wonky, colourful, eclectic, Kensington Market. xoxo

so yea!  life is pretty exciting right now.  especially with Artfest just around the corner.  can't wait to meet my on-line buddies, Carlanda, Phyllis, Lynn, Jodi, Jaci, Michelle, oh and so many more.  and to see the sweet misty again and enjoy her 'in real life' classes. 

gonna enjoy every single minute of this high i'm on.  who knows how long it'll last. 


Susie said...

Congrats Francesca!!!!! You have so much talent and I think your paintings are amazing. I can't wait to see your art within the pages. I smiled when I read your thoughts on sewing. I didn't think I would ever love sewing, I had never sewn a stitch or had a sewing machine until I was in my 30's and fell in love. If I can teach myself to do it so can you. Just think of fabric as paint made of fibers, textures and depth within each strand, once you get hooked you will surprise yourself time and time again.

Lisa D. said...

Way to go!

Ophelia said...

I have chills reading your blog!!! So very awesome! I wish you much success. We are classmates in Misty's workshop, and I absolutely love your art...
I wrestled with a sewing machine, and finally got the hang of it. Haven't touched it in a while. You so inspire me to try again!
Many, many blessings!

scamp (aka Shirley) said...

Let's hope that high just keeps rolling! Congrats on your Somerset publication--it really is a thrill to see your work in print!
Hugs to you--can't wait to see you in the fall.