Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leaping into march (in pink)

a leap year.  an extra day.  if my birthday were on a leap year, i'd be what?  4 years old!!  not such a bad thing being born on Feb 29th.  

i've had my eyes on these docs since they were first advertised, but not availabe in these colours yet in canada until march'ish.  so i had the photo tucked away for safe keeping and was paitiently waiting for them to come to town.  mulling over which colour to get.

i used to live in docs in the 80's, i was a teenage mod.... white makeup, docs, black everything.  yup.  funny, how two decades later i'm coming back to them.  but this time in new colours.

sooo, next thing i know, my hubby makes a road trip over the border (for something else entirely), and comes back with these pink beauties for me.  the latest and greatest just shipped in.  well wasn't i leaping for joy. 

not as cute as the girlie in the photo above, but cute none-the-less.  no?

i think i may just have the best husband ever.  xoxx

p.s. three weeks to ARTFEST.  totally stoked.


Claire said...

serious doc martin envy!! i adore these :) what a gorgeous pressie!!

felgio said...

does your husband have a brother?