Thursday, February 23, 2012


today i am grateful for many things:

the spring-like weather, and the sun on my face, despite the chill

my morning caffeine kick, especially when it's $1 off (which means more coffee's for me)

a slow day to catch up

finding a clean pair of pants at the bottom of my closet (cause all the rest are STILL sitting in the laundry hamper making cozy with the rest of the piles to be washed)

a heater at my feet keeping me tootsies warm

lip medex for my chapped lips

and last but not least, MAC's 'to pamper' lipstick (gosh i love you)

what are you grateful for today?

Please note, i embroidered the images above, however the actual images i transferred onto the canvas was created by misty mawn (as doodles, line drawings as part of her open studio online class).  i found them so damn cute and irresistible i knew i just had to embroider them.

and hence, i took close up shots so you can see why i call it my 'guerilla embroidery'... cause it's messy and far from accurate.  you could hardly call it a sampler.  if you look at my attempt at french knots, some look like french knots and others look more like a stunted bullion knot.  but this is why i love it.  it's perfect in it's imperfection. 

it is in the process of being mailed out.  a present for a very special someone.  but it's a secret.  so don't tell anyone... shhhhhhhhhh


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scamp (aka Shirley) said...

I love the embroidery! and even though this isn't the place, I'm going to sneak in a word of encouragement on your March DDD--YOU CAN DO IT!