Tuesday, January 31, 2012

navigating our way 'through'

she wrote about her friend who lost her mom. 

she knows the feelings all too well, since having been through it just a little while back with her own mom.

this is how we connected.  or rather how i contacted her. 

i read her blog and she was talking about her feelings of losing her mom.  i cried all night that night knowing that i too would some day soon be navigating through my own journey of my mom's illness.... she recounted her mixed emotions of love and anger and grief for the loss, and yes, also relief for a parent who has had to endure pain and sickness for so long.  so utterly bitter sweet.     

i instantly felt connected to her.  she knew how it felt.  she had made it 'through', as difficult as it was, she made it 'through'.   and that was just what i needed to hear.  if she could make it through, well then, so could i. i wasn't going to fall apart.  and my world wouldn't come crashing down around me.  i could and would make it 'through' too.

(my mom's recent scare in the hosptial a week ago)

i sent her an email.  and she was very kind to reply back and offer an abundance of love and support.  it was serendipidious that i would meet her that same fall at SQUAM ART WORKSHOPS.  i love the way she's there for her friends.  and even for those she barely knows, and yet she reaches out to comfort, despite going through her very own pain.  i think she is a rather incredible being.  i just wanted her, and you dear blog reader to know that.

and dear blog reader, if you are also navigating your way through the loss a loved one, know you are not alone.  there are people out here in blog-o-sphere who will listen.  and understand.  you just have to reach out.

i dedicate this piece i very recently created ,  'she kept them close to her heart', to both her and her friend.

sending lots of light, love, and prayers for a peaceful heart to her friend.


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Anonymous said...

my heart. completely soft. completely grateful to have you as a friend....
beautiful....thank you..