Thursday, January 26, 2012

an airy aquarian

january is my birthday month.  yes, i'm an aquarian.  to a tee. 

can't believe it's january again....  i remember my last birthday like it was yesterday.  how is it that time seems to just literally whiz by. 

me right now.

this saturday i'll officially be 41 years old.  yet somehow my brain refuses to believe this.  when someone asks me how old i am, my brain always wants to say 26.  i still feel like a kid despite having 'adult' responsibilities, home, job, kids, hubby, bills to pay etc..  it's crazy. 

and yet, when i attempt to sketch out my portrait, i manage to age myself about 20 years.  go figure.

happy birthday to all my fellow aquarians out in blogosphere...xoxx

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