Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring has sprung

the weekend was busy busy.  didn't get a second to do much art.  but by monday night, i started to get antsy... so i pulled out my go-to favorite supplies.  can you guess by now what they are?  lol.  my oils and my handmade journal.  sigh.  and created this.  as you can tell, i'm still working on it, and am loving the peace and tranquility that i feel when i draw and paint and blend and totally lose myself in the 'zone'.

not sure why i'm fascinated with painting faces, icons with halos.  but i am.  perhaps i'll expand onto something else once the fixation subsides.  or maybe not.  it's all good.  just riding the tide until it lasts.

this next mixed media piece was fun.  i have all kinds of images in my special 'box' when i'm in the mood to do this kind of thing.  it's loaded full of arms and hands, and heads and bits of this and that.  never know when you might need a couple of outstretched hands like these:

and this is my 'studio' today, right here, right now.

it's officially spring, and toronto is experiencing a snow storm.  yes folks.  we have 10 inches of snow coming down.  'just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in'...  thanks michael corleone for that line, cause that's how this storm is making me feel right now.

hope your part of the world isn't being so hard on you!

happy spring'ish day!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a right brained girl, in a left brained job

equals one very unhappy right brained girl.  i've written this post over almost 4 times.  me thinks i just won't say anything until the words come easily.  right now i'm struggling to express what i'm feeling.  in short, the evenings are too short, the weekends whiz by too fast, and wishing i could just snap my fingers and make some dramatic changes.  jibberish.  sorry, i know.  i have too many ideas floating in my head right now.  gotta let them stew for a while.  perhaps things will start to make sense soon.  stay with me folks.  i'll wake up out of this funk soon. 

 in the meantime, still having a love affair with my oil stiks.  can't get enough of them.  i'm experimenting with the oil sticks and using them with paint brushes rather than my fingers.  using paintbrushes give the piece a very different look.   it's smooth and velvety looking, and gives it quite a dreamy look.

i used a photo of my little elisa as a reference.

i'm very obsessed with painting faces right now.  and loving it.

ouf.  is it friday yet?


Sunday, March 13, 2011

crown of feathers

i just can't stop myself.  another one using shiva oil paint stiks.  i think i may have just found my medium.

happy Sunday,

Friday, March 11, 2011

this girl love oils

i may have just found my medium of choice.  peoples, i'm in love.

this is far from finished but i'm already liking the look, and most especially the ease of blending.  i can even leave it for an hour and come back to it and still be able to blend.  ahhh.  heaven.  i'm really in love.

ok. back to painting.

adios amigos!  yayyyyyy it's Friday...


working through the ugly

oil, in moleskine journal

acrylic on watercolour paper

i had a very (unusually) quiet house last night.  dom took the kids to an inpromptu visit to their grandmothers house, which left me all alone to my own devices!  it didn't take me long to slam the door shut, and at break neck speed run to my room with all my paints and supplies.  nothing makes me more giddy than a quiet house and a couple of hours to indulge in my favorite past time.  painting.  sigh. 

i'm determined to keep painting until i start truely liking the results.  and therefore i must remind myself to keep painting through the ugly.  i know it's a matter of practice, and learning what works for me, in terms of brushes, and products.  not to mention to continue painting to establishing my own style.

what i find most difficult is when taking a course, or when you admire another artists work it is difficult not to create something that looks like 'their' work.  i have to remind myself the importance of trying out their techniques and styles as a learning exercise, but to then take those techniques to a new level, by making them unique to me, and establishing my own style.  and how do you establish your own style.  by painting and creating. a lot. 

i know what i like.  i know what i want to create.  i can see it in my minds eye.  and i'm working on translating that vision into my art work. 

in this post i must give a shout out to a few artists who's work i've been admiring lately:

Pam Carriker:  the daily sketches of portraits she's been producing of late just blow me away. very inspiring.

Jesse Reno:  incredible works that make my head spin (in delight, not in an exorcist kinda way).

and last but not least

Flora Bowley:  i tried to get into her class at the fall session of Squam this September, but it was full.  so upset about that.

HAPPY FRIDAY,  woohhooooo


Monday, March 7, 2011

Visual Journal

this weekend i went MIA.  i totally unplugged myself from the internet, blogging, facebooking world.  and it felt great.  i was so much more productive and creative than i have in a long time.

i actually managed to create two handmade journal from two sheets of 22' by 30' windsor and newton, 140lb, hot pressed, watercolour papers.  I used the Teesha Moore 'amazing 16 page journal' technique on her blog to make it. 

i then went on to make mone more journal using the same stitching technique, with my Fabriano artistico, cold pressed, 140lb watercolour paper.  boy, i was on a roll.

i then used that last journal and decided it was going to be my visual journal.  and got right to the cutting and pasting.  it's funny... you start by cutting out things that resonate with you, and you don't really know how the heck or why the heck you cut them out, but you just know... then when it's time to glue, it's funny how the pieces you picked to cut out just seem to fit!  it was like i was on automatic pilot and each piece knew where they should be.  it was the most fun ever. 

here are some WIP pages.  i have yet to work on them, with writing, quotes, etc...  but thought i'd show them anyway:

(front cover)

(back cover)

(inside pages)

journaling and quotes will hopefully happen tonight.

what's your favorite binding stitch?  do you know a fast and easy way to bind journals?  i would love to hear about it.  if you have a link to youtube or your blog, please share. 

have a great week,