Monday, December 12, 2011

Tutorial #1: Rounded Corners

i just love the look of rounded corners on photos. don't you?  

here are a few of my favorite pics.  i rounded the corners using photoshop elements 8, on my mac, and added some of ali edwards awesome word art, downloaded free from her website.

here's my samson, getting his fix of stinky shoes.  yes.  my dogs likes to lick stinky shoes and feet.  the stinkier, the better.  according to him, that is.  that's him going to town with elisa's slippers.

and here are two of my favorite pieces i created in misty's last class.  btw, she's running another on-line workshop, 'open studio', this january, which i'll be signing up for very soon.

see how much nicer pics look this way.  clean. nice.  i may be doing this to my every photo for the next little while.

and yes ali.  i agree.  love always wins.

so here goes how i do it.  don't know if it's the right way, but it works.  i'm sure there's a million other ways to do it but this is my version:

using photoshop elements 8
file  -  open
layer - layer from background
layer - new layer
go to the rectangular, rounded corners and click and drag across the photo from corner to corner
drag photo onto layer 0
layer -  create clipping mask
layer - flatten

and voila!

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