Monday, December 12, 2011

Meet Warhol aka Pockets

hey art friends.
thought you'd find this interesting. charmaine, a co-worker of mine works with monkeys (both in Ontario and in Borneo with Orangutans), and has taught Pockets, who she cares for at the primate sanctuary, to paint. yes. he paints and even has his own gallery showing. all proceeds go to the sanctuary... check out the article  here
pockets has his own gallery showing.  some of his work has earned up to $400. 
funny, some people are arguing the sanctuary shouldn't use him to make money that will go towards the sanctuary.  the really funny thing is this.  if canada had laws to forbid the purchase of exotic animals, then pockets wouldn't be in the sanctuary in the first place.  the painting wasn't started or meant to be a money making venture.  it was meant to entertain pockets. 
moral of the story.  canada, get your shit together and ban the sale and purchase of exotic animals.  did you know that i could purchase a baby tiger and have him in my home as a pet.  yes folks.  there's no law that says i can't.  and that my friends, is so so wrong.

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