Tuesday, November 29, 2011

pondering my new word: a year of madness

for the third year now i have made it a tradition to choose a word of intention to help guide my year.  last December it was this. and the year before that it was this.

so as i was blog hopping, i landed on this fabulous blog and was awestruck by this poem, by John Kerouac,

and so i have found my new word of the year.  'madness'.  i want to be mad about life, mad about living, mad about everything that i do.  i want to wake up and be mad about my day ahead.  i want to in a constant state of euphoria about living and being alive, and living with passion, and desire, and intent.

i knew these last two pieces i created would eventually make sense to me.  huh.  funny how things make their way to you when you least expect it.

and then, the other day when i opened up my halls throat drops and it gave me this message:

don't waste a precious minute, indeed. 

i want to be mad.  i want to invite and welcome and surround myself with 'madness'.  to live life fully.  to enjoy life fully.  madness.  it's a good thing, no?

what's your one little word? 

francesca xoxx

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