Monday, November 14, 2011

creative frenzy

this weekend, dom and i made an impronptu drive across the border to do some holiday shopping.  we love shopping in buffalo, new york.  with the dollar doing fairly well, you can get some really good deals.  and the variety... gosh the variety. 

anyway...  i found myself at joann's.  and i. nearly. fainted.  i'm canadian folks.  we HAD a cheesy 'fabric land' but the closest one to me closed down.  we do have a fabric 'district' at Queen and Spadina, but it's out of my way, and expensive.  so, needless to say, i was like a pig in shit at joann's.  ALL those gorgeous fabrics, everything you could ever want.  bolts and bolts of gorgeous stuff. 

i ended up buying, two yards each of:  unbleached duck cloth; drill fabric; burlap; muslin, and a sewing pattern.  i have plans for each... 

i've been pondering my word of intention for 2012, and 'determination' keeps popping up.  determined to learn to sew.  determined to execute my ideas.  determined to take my creativity to a whole new level.  determined to be a better person. mom.  wife. sister.  and yes.  i want to learn to SEW.  hence, all the fabric and pattern. somthing i've been meaning to do for a very long time.  and to execute my ideas, I NEED TO DO THIS. 

this weekend was a creative frenzy.  aside from joann's, i started making 'macrame' knotted beaded bracelets.  a new fun favorite of mine.  i could do this all day.

after i did some of that, i stuffed my fabric in my knapsack and trekked on over to my mom's house.  i want her to teach me how to read and cut from a pattern.  it's actually easier than i thought it would be.  granted, i bought myself a very basic (beginner) pattern.

my mom has a lung disease and very weak these days, so we didn't get very far.  but it was a good distraction for her.  and a good learning opportunity for me.

hopefully i'll be wearing it next week.  i'll keep you posted with picture updates!  let's hope i don't break another sewing machine.

happy monday...


p.s. are you watching 'the walking dead', on AMC sunday nights?  damn, i love that rick and shane.  and glen is just too cute.  and seeing merle again freaked me out. he's such a creep.  love this show. and what the hell did jenner tell rick secretly? 

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