Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blogging from my ipad


Michelle Shopped said...

how do you like your ipad, lovely lady? i'm coveting one for xmas -- do you have the basic one or -- ? marty might get me one if the car repairs don't cost a fortune doesn't look like flora's teaching at sept squam but now that i think of it i bet it's cuz she's on for italy...gotta catch up -- if not before the holidays, then after?


p.s. sarah's coming to my cookie swap on the 18th -- can't wait! and susy's got a trunk show week after this -- wootwoot! even without the ipad that's enough christmas presence for me!

Corliss said...

Holy smokes just love that! Would you mind a guick tut of how it's done? Have I-Pad - will learn!