Friday, November 4, 2011

artfest 2012

so i'm all signed up for artfest 2012.  the fests of all fests created by the artist extraordinaire teesha moore.  every year is an awesome line up of very talented artists and workshops to choose from.  so many in fact, that it took me nearly a week to finalize my choices. 

orly avineri: 'outside the inside' i've been admiring her jounal pages for quite some time now.  very rich and textured and layered.  a visual feast for the eyes.  i can't tell you how excited i am to meet her in person and watch how she creates. 

misty mawn: 'open up' and  'portrait session' how could i pass up the opportunity to learn from my fav misty mawn.  yes, i'm taking both her collage class and her portrait class.  it's just absolute magic.  fucking. magic. when she puts the brush on paper.  not to mention she is the lovliest, most beautiful person to boot.  she just has this beautiful aura about her. 

ok, enough gushing. 

so back to artfest.  the 'trades' are the big thing at artfest.  well, most of you already know about this, but in case you don't, basically you create something, anything your heart desires (ATC; jewellery; postcards; collage bags), and then you make 100 (or more of them), and then on Saturday night you trade with the other participants.  so when you come home, you have 100 other goodies to enjoy when you get home.  how cool is that.  so this weekend i'm getting my stuff ready to create...  100 of 'em.  needless to say, i'll be buried under piles of paper, for sure!
not to mention i'll get to finally meet and share a house with these fabulous ladies:  lyn tivenan, carlanda brown williamson, phyllis peterson, jodi kincaid and more.. the sister act continues!!!  off to the nunnery we go... (ok, sorry, inside joke only we'll get).

and what i'm loving these days:

this 'grumpy looking' little red riding hood who didn't want to pose for any pictures.

this print that's gonna make it's way to my mailbox soon

these stones that make me feel better:  tumbled blue chalcedony

and fridays.  oh how i love fridays!!!

happy friday my friends....

francesca xoxx

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