Thursday, October 6, 2011

this is a sketchbook: sketchbook project 2011

remember this post about the sketchbook project 2011

the project will be touring internationally, and they have even added a toronto date:

Toronto, Ontario Canada
July 18th-22nd
The Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen St. W
Toronto, ON

here's my little sketchbook that will be included in the tour:
back cover                                                            front cover
5.25 W by 7.25 H
100% recycled paper
70lb text stock
32 pages
since i've been super inspired since coming home from Squam Art Workshops, i've revisited my sketchbook last night and lost myself for a good two hours or so just filling it up.  it was good solitude time.  dom was out for his usual long walk; the kids were quietly reading their books and samson was curled up on his blanket in his usual spot just outside my room door. 
i could hear the whispers of xavier sounding out his words; elisa's quiet ramblings of making up her own little story guided by the pictures; and samson's occasional yawn and the licking of his paws.  this is the kind of solitude i love.  the solitude of being together, yet in our very own quiet little worlds.

i will post a few of my favorite (work in progress) pages thus far :



  if you'd like to participate, you still have time to sign up.  the deadline is October 31st.  so go ahead.  what c'ya waiting for!! 

francesca xoxx


Anonymous said...

although we did not meet at squam, we are in the lodge together! i have enjoyed hearing about your experiences there.
thank you for this post~ i've heard of the sketchbook project~ but had forgotten about it and this was just the tip i needed.
so i signed up!
it seems we have chosen the same theme?
be well,

Francesca Di Leo said...

woohooo elke! can't wait to see some of your journal pages! you have a beautiful way with words and images. i so hope we have the opportunity to meet an the next fall squam. xoxx

Suzi Banks Baum said...

Oh, your beautiful pages! You have convinced me to sign up. I did the first tour and skipped last year because I was in to other books. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pages. I will post some of mine on my website in response. xo Love, Suzi

Monica Devine said...

So glad to have found you via Suzi. I love your sketchbook work...sharing art with others is so nourishing and inspiring...