Tuesday, October 4, 2011

from front to back

thanks to http://craftside.typepad.com/ we got these little journals free at squam upon our arrival.  front and back covers have images from misty mawn's book 'unfurling'.  and how fitting for my adventure.  here is a little sampling of what i did with mine.  i call it art journaling, guerrila style. 

altered cover with b/w photo and various word art

'P' made from a twisty twig i found outside the cabin for our handlettering class with penelope dulligan

photocopies of photos and then transferred onto clear tape, using clear shelf lining.  yup, cool technique, thanks to sarah ahearn bellemare.

handmade tag from my 'bum skirt' purchased at vendor night from emily falconbridge

more b/w photos.  clear packing tape on top of photo.  lots and lots of packing tape on top of everything.  my new obsession.  and a favorite quote, 'you must give birth to your images.  they are the future waiting to be born -- rilke

vintage playing cards used as breakfast, lunch and dinner passes.  love it.  and some bark from outside my door, and some wall paper i was able to get 'free'... 

i kept all the business cards and collected them in this journal. and even some email correspondence tucked away in little glassine envelopes for posterity.  and washi tape.  lots of washi tape.

more business cards.  more b/w photos.  more washi tape.

the poem read to us by elizabeth on the last day... and the dining lounge where lots and lots of conversations and meetings happened.

the magic of the first night in the longhouse.  found me tucked away in a cozy rocking chair stunned and in awe of where i actually was.  more word art that describes some of my emotions.

ah.  sommers.  i miss thee

another glassine envelope with a pretty yellow flower/weed that i found outside tucked away for good, and a sticker from a store in town, 'the comman man', where we went on saturday afternoon.  my name tag and some notes from new found friends.

the end.  for now.  but so much more to come.
francesca xoxx


maya said...

Aloha Creativity, Light & Solitude, this is all so incredibly rich. i would love love love to see a video of you telling your story this way. there's so many layers. sending you magic, flow, warmth & awe...

Francesca Di Leo said...

love you maya!! xoxx

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful!!!
i didn't get that little journal!
but i kept one of my own, just fast writing to capture some of the magic and details!
i love what you did with yours!

Francesca Di Leo said...

hi elke, i so wish we had met and chatted too!! i've been a fan of your journal pages as well. so glad we have connected in the soulodge though. your writing and thoughts are beautiful. i hope for you that you find what makes your soul sing. hugs to you xoxx