Thursday, September 29, 2011

mushroom dreams

you  may have noticed i've changed my blog header and more importantly, the name of my blog (no longer ode to posterity). 

why mushroom dreams? 

i've come back from the woods of new hampshire, and squam art workshops, a changed woman.  really.  in the best of ways.  i feel more focused.  energized.  and filled up in a way i haven't felt in a very long time.  i've come home with so many ideas making their way to the surface, so much so that i don't know where to begin..  so i'll begin at the beginning.

staying in a cabin in the deephaven camp was like going home to yourself... those woods, the lake, the whispering whiper wills, the mushrooms, oh those mushrooms.  it really is a magical place where you can just be and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you .   it was good for my soul. for my heart.  and mind.  it was kinda like a solar panel, that soakes in all the light and stores it for later use.  well that's what SAW was.  an opportunity to rest your soul, soak in friendship, and spark your creative energy.  for me, it was a refueling.  is any of this making sense?

why mushroom dremas, you ask?  well as you can tell, those red mushrooms in particular had me at first sight.  i didn't realize how much i loved those little (and very big) fungi.  as per the, when mushroom is used as a verb, it means to 'sprout; grow quickly'.

some synonyms for mushroom are: augment, blow up, boom, burgeon, burst, detonate, expand, explode, flourish, go off, grow, grow rapidly, increase, luxuriate, proliferate, shoot up, spread, spring up.
and that's exactly how i'm feeling... an augmented sense of awareness of who i am, and what i want, and where i want to go.  a burgeoning of ideas to expand my creative endeavors.   ideas that will help my creative mind and spirit flourish, and grow.  and it all seems to be coming at me fast and furious.  shooting up, spreading, and springing up... just like that.  mushroom dreams.

i'm still processing ideas, and scribbling furiously in my idea journal.  still trying to make sense of all the little bits.  gawd, it's so nice to feel alive again.  and excited about something you hold so dear.  it. feels. really. really.  good


Susie said...

I love your new blog name. I got the connection almost immediately. It's perfect. Happy you had an awesome time at SQUAM. Sounds heavenly.

Francesca Di Leo said...

thanks susie!