Thursday, September 8, 2011

it's been an intense week

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it's been a pretty stressful six months.  and in times of stress i go to my art.  it's a great release for me and keeps me sane when there's insanity all around me.

well this week has especially been pretty insane.  and it shows.  it definitely shows in my art.  just look at the faces above.  they started off light and the more intense the week got, the darker and more sinister the faces became.  kinda like how i was feeling. 

what i have learned this week:  FOLLOW YOUR GUT INSTINCTS. 

you know what i mean.  that little voice in your head that's trying to tell you something.  well, LISTEN TO IT.  it's talking for a reason.  and i wish i had listened.  like.  really.  listened.  i made a very bad decision despite all the reservations i was feeling, and the outcome just came to give me a punch to the solar plexis.  yup.  i shouldda listened to my gut.  it never fails me. 

all i can say is, new hampshire, here i come. soooo ready for a delicious vacation. 


ramona said...

Wonderful faces! Wonderful dedication to your art!

Susie said...

Hi Francesca I've long admired your work since we began our journery in Stretching Within and I have to say your blog is a delightful place to spend time. Your faces are so full of emotion and I also peeked at all those scrap pages; your work in all these different forms of expression are touching and feels to me like you are being true to yourself and that is what really matters when it comes to artwork.

Manon said...

So lovely to meet you honey..stretching within..Go with the gut it has never let me down yet!

Lyn said...

Frannie your girl on the bottom left portrays all the hurt and emotion you must have experienced recently. I too have made the same mistake and then experienced that horrible feeling you get in your stomach that rises up into your chest when you realise it's all gone wrong. I hope you have a fantastic time away, time for you, time to reflect, time to gain some solace. Take care xoxo

Francesca Di Leo said...

Ramona, Susie, Manon, and Livvie, thanks so much for your comments. i can always count on my stretching sisters for words of encouragement. love you all...xoxx frannie