Thursday, September 1, 2011

it was a pastel kind of night

soft black pastel in moleskine journal

1. black pastel faces1, 2. black pastel faces2, 3. black pastel faces4, 4. black pastel faces3, 5. black pastel faces5, 6. black pastel faces6

i bought me a package of soft pastels the other night at deserres, and did the speed walk all the way home so i could tear open the package and use them.  i thought i had bought the pack of mixed colours, but to my chagrin, what i ended up with was 12 sticks of black.  all 12.  black.  i'm such a dunce.  in my haste to buy them, i didn't check or read the package after grabbing it from the shelf.  why i assumed it was a multiple colour pack is beyond me.  moral of the story:  ALWAYS READ THE PACKAGE BEFORE BUYING.  lol

so, i  pulled out my moleskine and went to play.  um.  to my surprise, i'm in love with the black pastel.  love. it.  so glad i now have 12. of. them.

and yes, more faces.  obsessed with capturing the face. 

what have you created today?  what's your favorite pastel brand? 

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Lyn said...

Frannie your pastel peeps are super. I especially love the pair..I like the way they have undefined features as that is the way I'm going with my faces at the moment. It leaves some mystery to the face allowing the viewer to fill in the missing spaces (if that's what they desire!). It also creates alot of depth...I believe the eyes say more. So firstly black and white..I can so realate to that...I'm definitely in a black and white phase lol! I don't have a favourite brand of pastels...they are very new to me...but I do have a huge yearning to get my hands on a set of panpastels! xo