Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a year of confronting my one little word: risks

collection of works 2010 - 2011
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1. wondering#1, 2. wondering#3, 3. i am courage, 4. beatrice #2, 5. the only way through is through, 6. untitled, 7. untitled, 8. work in progress, 9. icon, 10. a crown of feathers, 11. work in progress, 12. finally, i am, 13. Santa Lucia, 14. you fit, 15. seeing, 16. diva (collage #1), 17. i am courage, 18. untitled, 19. Art Journal: Lady Blue, 20. me, 21. faces101, 22. faces101, 23. faces 101 - Part 2, 24. shy, 25. modesta, 26. mosaic3, 27. hope, 28. bert, 29. faces 101, 30. do you see it?, 31. little angelita, 32. mosaic2, 33. molly, 34. faces101 , 35. faces 101 - Part 1, 36. modesta

remember my post on, my one little word for 2011: risks.  it's my year for taking risks, doing the unexpected, plunging into things i've always wanted to do but held back out of fear.  well, this year is my year of walking through my fear, and taking that plunge.  what better way to encourage growth, and learning, and expanding, and believing in yourself.  the only way through, is through.  so here are some of the ways i've met my own little challenge:

when i heard misty mawn was teaching, i signed up even without talking to my husband first.  eventhough i hadn't a clue where it was.  eventhough i don't know a soul who's going.  it was automatic.  the fear settled in afterwards.  but i'm past the fear of not knowing anyone, and of being in the middle of nowhere at Squam Lake. it turns out i actually do know people going, ie misty and i'll get to know my house mates rather quickly, and guess who's going to be a vendor, the awesome emily falconbridge, whom i've connected with already.  so three you go.  the only way through is through.  one past squamee attendee said this:

"you have to bring an open mind and heart, choose the classes that scare you the most, and push yourself. You have to put yourself out there, meet new people, have creative conversations you never realized were possible."

                                                                                  ----BJ Lantz, Florida
and that's exactly what i plan to do.  amen.

hello people.  this is the fests of all fests in the mixed media art world.  and i'm flying to washington on my own.  on. my. own.  peeps,  this is big for me.  makes me wanna throw up when i think about it but i'm doing it none-the-less.  the only way through this one is with ATIVAN.  and lots of it.  if you have any flying solo tips (for those of us of the white knuckle brigade), please let me know in the comments section.

i'm taking every course i can, even on-line.  trying new techniques, new styles, new adventures.  it keeps me motivated and learning and stretching.  here are some thus far:

1.     Misty Mawn, Stretching Within
misty is an absolute treasure.  she is the ultimate teacher, artist, mother, photographer, blogger, on the planet.  she's super generous with sharing her talents via on line classes where she creates an encouraging, super supportive environment for you to grow, and make mistakes, and learn, and share as an artist.  i thank her for that.  also for creating a group of gals from stretching within that i still keep in touch with and plan to go to artfest 2012 with.  she's helped me to create my own tribe of supporters and i love her for that.

2.     Carla Sonheim's Faces101
this online class was fast, short and choc-a-bloc full of techniques.  i didn't know what to expect from this class and i walked away AMAZED.  i had all the tools, but learned to use them in an entirely new way.  i'm still playing around with her techniques, making them my own, and i'm finding i just can't stop myself.  best $35 i ever spent. 

3.     Katie Kendrick's Layered Impressions 
i've been an admirer of Katie's work for a long time and so excited that she's sharing an online class in september. 

and there will be more to come, much much more, i'm sure.

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