Thursday, August 25, 2011


1. Honeymooners, 2. Pure Sunshine, 3. Together, 4. magical moments, 5. magical moments paper doily, 6. be happy, 7. be happy - detail, 8. wind beneath your wings, 9. self portrait, 10. remember1, 11. remember2, 12. adventure1, 13. adventure2, 14. Xavier - October Afternoon, 15. Elisa - Hambly

i was just looking at some of my scrpabook pages and i think i need to get back to my documenting.  i don't want to forget all the beautiful little moments that i managed to caputre in my scrap pages.  scrapping has changed through the years and it's no longer about stickers and frames. it's evolved into a craft that is more of something that i like to call  'scrap-art'.  above is a mosaic of some of the pages i created througout the years (just click on the links to view each individually). i could easily pick up anyone of these pages, put it in a frame and hand it around the house. Hmm, that's actually not a bad idea. 

i'm itching to start making more 'scrap-art'.

but to do this i need to start picking up  my camera more often.  i must go home, take it out of the cupboard, and blow the dust off it first..!!

what are you itching to do?

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