Monday, August 15, 2011

mondo beyondo dreams

woot.  woot.  can you believe it, cause i can't.  i'm all signed up for artfest 2012.  fort worden, in port townsend, washington, i'll see you in march.  it's the old military base where they filmed 'officer and a gentleman', you know the one, with richard gere and debra winger..  yup.  my all time favorite movie too , no joke.

i'm going as part of a group of ladies i met during mistys online classes.  and boy, let me tell you, it's going to be a hoot.  There's 11 of us from this group going, and we've reserved one of the officers houses (which are haunted by the way.  yes.  ghosts.  have.  been.  seen. eeeeeeeks). 

i just registered and paid.  now to look up and book my flight.  oh yeah.  flying solo, did i mention that?  the girls are laughing and calling me, 'the white knuckle brigade'.  at first i was, 'what the hell is that', until i looked it up on wikipedia.  too funny.  but ooh so true.  yes, you'll find me grabbing my armrests so tight, my knuckles go beyond white.  i'll probably need a barf bucket and some ativan to accompany me.  and a nice looking steward holding my hand wouldn't be so bad either.  lol.

this is me.  walking through my fear of travelling, and travelling alone at that.  if i end up in saudi arabia, i wouldn't be surprised.  i'm a dunce when it comes to directions.  lol.  but i'm excited none-the-less. 

squam, artfest.  what next.  life sure is getting mighty interesting when you decide to take some risks, and do things that you didn't think that you'd ever do.  shaking things up some, and it feels right. 

HUGE THANKS to jen lemen, and andrea scher, the masterminds behind mondo beyondo.  i had put going to squam, artfest, journal fest, and all kinds of fests, on my mondo beyondo dream list.  see what happens when you put your intentions out into the universe.  the universe actually listens and makes things possible.  it makes it possible.  this was a huge revelation peoples. 

so what dreams are coming true for you.  i'd love to hear. 

will you be going to artfest?  which classes?  if you have any pics of the officers house Madrona #277, i'd love to see them.

here's to more dreams coming true,

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Petie said...

WOOT to The Nunnery! The Sisters are going to have so much fun, fun, fun!! And you will arrive in one piece and have no more fear of flying. :D