Wednesday, August 10, 2011

meet the blob families

carla taught me how to use watercolours in a way that i'd not used them before.  and let me tell you, it was so much fun.

this is blob family one:

uncle charlie on the bottom right, his mustache went awry, happened at birth.  aunt lucy, bottom middle, well, she forgets to put her teeth in hence the no upper lip.  and aunt maude, top right, well she was born miserable. and her daughter to the immediate left, miss filomena the harlot.  

geesh, these guys are just about as crazy as my real family.  

and blob family number 2:

these guys are cuter and quieter.  except for elizabeth, top left who's heavy on the rouge, according to good art friend livvie (if she had a blog i'd have linked you up).

you should try creating some blob families of your own.  they're very entertaining, and reveal all kinds of interesting stories.

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