Wednesday, August 24, 2011

earth shaking news

so i finally filled up my beloved journal.  it's a moleskine that i covered with all kinds of stuff: 
patterned paper by Pam Garrison
Melissa Frances white vintage fram
Heidi Swapp felt butterflies
my own hand stitched butterfly
and other odds and ends:  ribbon, brads, buttons, hat pins

and here's my last page:  little angelita

and i'm so excited cause i now get to create and start another one.  i absolutely love starting a new journal.  creating the covers are my most favorite.  if i could just create journals all day, i'd be a happy camper.  the pages are fresh and crips, and ready to fill. 

in other news, it was an earth shaking day yesterday here in good ol toronto.  there was a 5.9 earthquake in Virginia which made it's shake known all the way to us.  this is the 2nd time we've felt this.  the last time it happened was last year, and i believe it was august too.  us torontonians don't get earthquakes or tornadoes or any kind of real natural disaster, so when something like a little shaking happens, well, it's BIG news.  facebook was a-flutter with where everyone was when they felt it. crazy, eh?

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Teddi said...

wow, that was full of good words, & good art! i really enjoyed the art class/teacher summaries, & seeing your collection of art complied together.