Friday, June 3, 2011

finally found my way back here

well let's see, what have i been up to lately:

first, look what arrived on my doorstep on May 27th.  Unfurling, by Misty Mawn.

i've been in heaven devouring this beauty. can't. put. i. down.  meanwhile the kids are running in the house wild, jumping off tables and blind-folding the dog!! 

there's just so much beauty in this book i find it hard to put down.  what i love most about Unfurling is that it entices you and lures you into all kinds of ways to be creative that i hadn't thought about:  creating stamps, using paper clay, oragami, in addition to drawing, painting, collage.  but it only gives you so much info that you can't help but scope out more info..  i love that.

second, look what we got! 

dom bought if for us so that when i go to squam i don't have to lug my laptop with me.  this little baby does it all in it's little compact form.  love. love. love. it.

lastly, speaking of squam.  i'm so utterly excited to go to my first art retreat.  i've made this journal to take with me.  hoping to use it as a 'year book' type journal to get the artists i meet to sign my book for posterity sake.  and to journal in to keep me busy.  here's a little peek of the cover.. not yet done, still have to add the lace to it.

btw, if you're not already using the 'free' instagram iphone application, what are you waiting for??  lol

i just found a list of items i should be bringing:   insect spray, warm socks, good hiking shoes, warm undies for night time cause it gets cold, flashlight cause it's a long dark walk from the sleeping cabin to the workshop cabins (eeks hate HATE the dark), snacks, coffee mug...  if you've been to squam art workshops in the fall, i'd love to know if i've missed anything..  now gotta think up some ideas for making some little giveaways at squam.. 

HAPPY WEEKEND friends!!!  it's FRIDAY, i'm in love...


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Anonymous said...

OMG I wish my person would buy me an iPad! Have fun at Squam! ♥