Thursday, June 30, 2011


if you're an aquarian, can you feel the changes in the air, because i can. 

i can even smell it. 

some good, some bad.  you know it when you dream of end-of-the-world kind of dreams; when there's a hint of excitement or buzz in your body but you're not sure why; and when there is a lunar or solar eclipse in your natal chart,

as per Susan Smith of astrology zone, here are the descriptions of a lunar and solar eclipse:

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon stands between the Sun and the Earth, cutting off the light of the Sun. A solar eclipse is always a new moon and in astrology tends to mark new beginnings.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth stands between the moon and the Sun, cutting off the light of the Sun from the moon. A lunar eclipse is always a full moon and usually marks endings or culmination points. They bring up memories, dreams, and emotions, so they often pack a big punch.

particularily for aquarians, she says,

"Eclipses are super-powerful new moons and full moons, action packed, as if operating on steroids. Their job is to move you out of a complacent situation into one that is much more energized and active. An eclipse will do whatever it must to get you moving. It may give you surprising information, a sudden new opportunity, a disillusioning experience - something to shake you up and make you look at the world with new eyes.

Eclipses are also famous for providing crystal clear truth, and when you get that extra piece of information, it changes everything. They help us to evolve into a new level of maturity and insight, and for the information they do bring, be grateful, for it is given by a loving universe to protect you. "

i am getting bombarded on so many fronts that it's making my head spin (like in the exorcist kinda way).  holy smokes, how much can one girl handle all at once.  suffice to say, my brain hurts from all the brain activity that i've had to put on overtime these last couple of weeks.   

chages in the home, work, personal, health, yadda yadda yadda.  universe, please stop throwing me curve balls.  please.  although i'm an aquarian i still like my routines.  they keep me grounded and in touch with reality.  and it gives me the confidence to go out and do my thing. 

and in staying in line with the 'changes' theme,  here are some of the changes a portrait has gone through these last few weeks.  painting is my escape.  it's a great way to unload all that energy out of my head and onto the canvas.  what an incredible release of emotion and expression.  painting does wonders for my sanity.  smile.

so, being the stubborn head that i am, i attempted one image first with acrylics and, um, not so good.  so i tried it again in acrylics.  um.  better but still not so good.  so tried the same image a third time.  this time not on canvas but on watercolour gesso'd board.  and to shake it up, this time i used my beloved, go to, shiva paint stiks.  and here i'm at least brave enough to show you #3:

and yes.  i think i like her. i like her very much.  dearest shivas.  i don't know why i'm resisting and insisting on learning to paint with acrylics.  even when you never let me down.

just an aquarian trying to conquer the world, and stay sane in the process. 
hugs and hopes for a peaceful day,

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Monika Schmid said...

Dear Francesca, I too am an aquarian but the eclipses have not had such a tumultous effect on me (thank goodness!). I think your portrait looks great!:-) I hope things settle down for you and are looking bright again. Monika xoxo