Wednesday, May 11, 2011

getting my paint on

whilst coughing up my lung.  damn this cough and sinus crap.  so sick and tired of it.  my ribs are starting to hurt from sputtering so much.

so whilst home, i decided to get my paint on.  why not.  i thought it was a good way to cheer my miserable self up.  and it worked.

i thought i'd spice things up and use a new product (to me that is), goldens fiber paste.  after it dries on the page, it gives the effect of handmade paper.  so, i spread a nice thick coat, and painted over top.  and i got this awesome texture.  gonna give this a try with watercolours next.

a close up of the texture underneath the paint.

caran d'ache with titanium white, and crate paper patterned paper.  just having fun.

and last but not least, finally getting to my sketchbook project 2012.  i plan to post all pages when done.  so fun working on a small size.  it's quick and dirty!  

and see my new brushes to the far left? sigh.  i'm in love.  i especially like the mongoose hair brushes.  they push around oil paint so effortlessly and precisely.  i have yet to try out the sable brushes.  sigh.  

ok.  now to get dosed up on some anti-cough meds lest i cough up my other lung!

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