Friday, May 6, 2011

confessions of a 7 year old

iphone photo of xavier and his certificate

forgive me father, for i have sinned. 

xavier experienced his first reconciliation last night in preparation for his communion on may 14th.  he is very excited to receive his first communion and i was surprised to see that he was very serious about confessing his sins.

on the way to church i asked him if he knew what he was going to confess and if he'd thought about what he was going to say.  and he said, 'yeah mom, we've been preparing at school '.  

so when it was his turn in church, i had to present him to father carlos, and off i had to go.  xavier was very serious and father carlos nodding his head, both had their heads turned so i couldn't see what they were saying, nor could i hear them.  ok.  yes.  i was dying of curiosity as to what a 7 year old had to confess.

when it was over he had to sit for five minutes and pray, and then was given a certificate and off we went home.  he was so proud of himself.

so on the way home, i couldn't resist and this is how the conversation went:

me: so xavier, how'd it go?
xavier:  good
me: what are some of the things you confessed?
xavier:  i can't tell you mom, it's between me and god
me: (stunned), um, can you at least tell me one thing?
xavier:  no, it's private.  oh but i did forget to tell him that i slapped dad
me:  (super stunned) oh dear, we better go home and say those prayers 100x over

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