Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a blast from the past

my sister sent me a text message this morning that, "rick springfield is 61 and got busted for a DUI".

first off you're probably thinking, why would she send her sister this message.  well, if you know me, you must know that i was a HUGE rick springfield junkie when i was 16.  and i mean HUGE fan.  the kinda fan that went to his concert and did the ugly cry through out the whole thing.  um.  yeah. 

so outta curiosity, i googled this and found the article.  and OMG. OMG.  all i could say was OMG.  at 61 he's still HOT.  i mean, look at this man.  who looks this good at 61?  i die.  as for the DUI.  well he needs a good spanking... and i'm more than willing to administer those spanks.   but look at how HOT he still looks.  bestill my heart.



felgio said...

i admit, he is hot...but not more so than Donny Osmond!

Tata said...

you are sooo naughty! Thinking of spanking Rick!
He is darn cute. I too crushed for him when I was about that age, but in such an outlandish, public display.
I saved that until my 30's & 40's.