Thursday, April 7, 2011

slowing down to discover and uncover

when i pick elisa up from play group at the end of the day, after big hugs and getting a run down of how her day went, i scoop her up and try to rush us home.  at this time of the day everything is rush, rush, rush... on fast forward.  you know how it is, you're tired from a long day of work, you're trying to think up what to cook for dinner (since you didn't defrost anything the night before), and helping with homework for the xavier, and baths, and dishes, and taking the dog out.  ouf.  so needless to say, i 'try' to rush us home.. so many things to get done before the end of the day.  with elisa's little legs and her boundless curiosity, there is always something catching her attention and 'slowing' us down.  regardless of my hisses in the background, 'c'mon elisa, chop chop, let's get a move on'.  etc.

but yesterday was different.

yesterday we, I slowed down.  on purpose. 

there was new life bursting everywhere we looked.  the spring season is starting to make itself apparent and there were extra beautiful things that were catching our attention:

mr. sparrow making a new summer nest for mrs. sparrow and babes with fresh weeds and things;

a bird singing this beautiful song, (we think it's a blue jay but we're not sure);

fresh new flowers and buds sprouting through the dead dried leaves and twigs; finally some life and colour back in our yards:

and of course, the usual neighbourhood cat chase of our beloved Bill, Toby, and Charlie:

i was reminded to stop rushing us home; that there is always something to discover and uncover with every step we take.  but most importantly, i was reminded that i just need to take the time to notice.

and with that, this is the before:

here she is after:

'the possibilities are everwhere, facing my fears one step at a time'

enjoy your day, and endeavour to slow down.  you'll be surprised at the things you'll discover.


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