Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sketchbook project 2012

so i've signed up for the sketchbook project 2012

the theme i chose is, 'this is a sketchbook', from a full host of themes.

i'm so excited that this year the tour goes international, and they have added Canadian dates for the first time, in Toronto and Vancouver.  I'll actually be able to go visit my sketchbook when it goes on tour.  Really?  How cool is that?

It's simple.  You sign up.  Choose a theme.  Pay $25.  And they send you a sketchbook to fill up.  You return it to them.  And it goes on tour and eventually housed in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library, and will always be available for viewing.

can't wait to start.

remember my one little word for 2011?  well it was taking 'risks', and doing things out of my comfort zone.  well this is another leap forward into getting involved in the art community. yay me.
so what are you waiting for?  have you signed up yet?


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