Tuesday, April 12, 2011

on random conversations

yesterday the conversation between xavier and elisa and myself went something like this:

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Xavier:  mom how old are you?
me:  i'm 40, why?
Xavier:  i don't know (while smirking)...  how old do i have to be when i can pick E up from school.
me: hmm, dunno, maybe when you're about 14 or 15. 
Xavier:  oh
me: and when you're 15 E will be 12, so it should be ok since it's a close walk to home
Xavier:  smiles some more
me:  my gosh and  that would make me 48
Xavier: laughs out loud, mom that's old
me:  and when you're 25, E will 22
Xavier:  wow
me:  and oh my gosh that'll make me 58 (eyes glazed over feeling very scared about getting old!!!) and when your 40, E wil lbe 37 and i'll be 73.  OMG (said loudly), i may be dead by then, (tears starting to well up in my eyes thinking i won't be around for my kids)
Elisa: (pipes in) mom, if you die then i won't have a mommy anymore

and well........ that was the clincher.  The tears these old eyes of mine produced!!  then domenic came in rolled his eyes, shook his head and called me crazy!!

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