Sunday, April 17, 2011

on being a chemist

'art is the only way to run away without leaving home'
               ---twyla tharp

a neighbour friend sent that quote to me, and i can totally and completely relate.  it made me chuckle.  thanks Marie for sending it to me!

i am seriously thinking one needs to become somewhat of a chemist in order to paint with oils.  it's not as simple as opening up a tube of paint and picking up paint brush.  now i know why a lot of people prefer to work with acrylic.  it's less cumbersome. and less expensive as i'm realizing.  the prep work is tremendous. the clean up afterwards is tremendous.  but despite it all, i still love working with oils.

there are special papers for oils.  if using watercolour paper the oils will eventually eat away at the paper.  or better yet oil primed linen is best, which you could also buy raw (unprimed), and prime it yourself.  i've also just found out it's best to use an oil painting ground or primer which you can tint with your paint of choice.

not to mention all the different mediums you can buy for glazing.

poppy oil:  thinning agent
saffron oil:  to dilute white, rather than linseed oil to prevent yellowing.
walnut oil:  used like linseed oil, but flows more freely, and less tendency to crack or yellow
stand oil:  used for glazing, no yellowing or linseed stand oil, but needs to be used with turp or white mineral spirits


it's mind boggling.

then there are the brushes.  i'd love me some new brushes.  i'm saving my pennies to buy these babies:  raphael red sable brushes like these here; and the filbert isabey mongoose ones here; and the escoda bristles short filberts here.

but, i'm reading and researching and learning.  so it's all good.  learning as i go.  and making all kinds of mistakes.  but oh well.  there is no better teacher than mistakes.

and here are a few of those mistakes.  smile.

for the painting above (work in progress), i used a gel transfer

another work in progress.  using my table top easel for this one.

have a great night,
france (or francesca, or fran, or frances, whatever comes easiest!!!)

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