Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring has sprung

the weekend was busy busy.  didn't get a second to do much art.  but by monday night, i started to get antsy... so i pulled out my go-to favorite supplies.  can you guess by now what they are?  lol.  my oils and my handmade journal.  sigh.  and created this.  as you can tell, i'm still working on it, and am loving the peace and tranquility that i feel when i draw and paint and blend and totally lose myself in the 'zone'.

not sure why i'm fascinated with painting faces, icons with halos.  but i am.  perhaps i'll expand onto something else once the fixation subsides.  or maybe not.  it's all good.  just riding the tide until it lasts.

this next mixed media piece was fun.  i have all kinds of images in my special 'box' when i'm in the mood to do this kind of thing.  it's loaded full of arms and hands, and heads and bits of this and that.  never know when you might need a couple of outstretched hands like these:

and this is my 'studio' today, right here, right now.

it's officially spring, and toronto is experiencing a snow storm.  yes folks.  we have 10 inches of snow coming down.  'just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in'...  thanks michael corleone for that line, cause that's how this storm is making me feel right now.

hope your part of the world isn't being so hard on you!

happy spring'ish day!


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