Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a right brained girl, in a left brained job

equals one very unhappy right brained girl.  i've written this post over almost 4 times.  me thinks i just won't say anything until the words come easily.  right now i'm struggling to express what i'm feeling.  in short, the evenings are too short, the weekends whiz by too fast, and wishing i could just snap my fingers and make some dramatic changes.  jibberish.  sorry, i know.  i have too many ideas floating in my head right now.  gotta let them stew for a while.  perhaps things will start to make sense soon.  stay with me folks.  i'll wake up out of this funk soon. 

 in the meantime, still having a love affair with my oil stiks.  can't get enough of them.  i'm experimenting with the oil sticks and using them with paint brushes rather than my fingers.  using paintbrushes give the piece a very different look.   it's smooth and velvety looking, and gives it quite a dreamy look.

i used a photo of my little elisa as a reference.

i'm very obsessed with painting faces right now.  and loving it.

ouf.  is it friday yet?


1 comment:

Gollywobbles said...

You make me want to drag my shiva sticks out! You also make it look so easy! Beautiful!