Sunday, February 20, 2011

my weekend: parties and portraits

Warning:  photo heavy post!  I loved working on this piece.  I used all kinds of stuff and it felt good using a lot of things I had on hand, but hadn't used in a long time, for example, my alcohol inks, and tim holtz crackle medium.  Misty, as part of the class exercise, suggested to go big.  So I did.  And it was great.  

This is the full viewage:  love is all i got to give.  and just underneath her (super-sized) hands:  love is all there will ever be.  and the cute 'toujours'.

After I got painting out of my system, I had to tend to Elisa's 4th birthday party.  We had a small get together at my house with our family.  Elisa was sooo excited.  She was so happy to have everyone there for her special day.

Xavier learned how to put tattoos on all by himself (thanks Helen).  And he turned into a Xavier-von-diet.  Love the sleeve he created with an ENTIRE package of tattoos.

And Anthony even came by.  With his girlfriend.  Yup.  He's got a girl, Fey (I think she spells it).  Oh puppy love, you're so cute.

This would be the old man section.  KMSL.  My brother with the blue and my hubs in the brown.  And yes, Al, you're definitely losing your hair. 

And Peter my nephew!  Yup he's a cutie and the girls just love him.  Even Elisa.

And here's moms, and Helen (aka the tattoo  putter-oner-helper), and my sis.   All of us crammed into our little house.  It's perfect for four people (and a furry dude), but put a few more people and it all of a sudden becomes horribly clausterphobic.  It's a good thing I liked everyone who came.  lol

I'm sooo exhausted.  Hosting parties are lots of fun, but boy, oh so tiring boy.

Happy Weekend,


yay Monday is a holiday Family Day.  What will you be doing?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

finally, i am

ever changing
and pouring out

i had so much fun working on this piece.  it started with the prompt 'i am', and to describe yourself without using adjectives.  these words for me came quick and furious.  

gratitude:  grateful to the universe for listening to me
listening:  to my inner voice that i have ignored for far too long
stretching:  learning, growing and taking risks by putting my work out there
ever changing:  expanding my horizons, meeting new people, 'seeing' in new ways
pouring out:  writing, painting, playing, exploring, in every creative way possible

this finally feels like me.

thanks for stopping by,

Monday, February 7, 2011

stretching further within

santa lucia

you fit

more art work just keeps pouring out.