Sunday, January 16, 2011

wondering #3

do you ever question the direction your life has taken?  do you ever wonder if you should have done things differently?  do you question the choices you've made?  well, i've been asking these questions of myself today.  seems i'm in some sort of funk.  i snapped up my moleskine journal and sketched away my mood.  i was feeling brave enough to 'bust out' in my journaling and used more elements to express my emotions.  journaling, stamping, cavallini stickers.  ah.  that made me feel so much better.  art saves.  indeed.

happy sunday,

p.s. guess what.  i almost don't want to tell you cause i don't want to jinx it.  but THIS is what i'll be doing in 2012.  I'M SO EXCITED I'M GOING TO COMBUST.  (the 2012 itinerary hasn't gone up yet, but i'm sure it'll be the same).  Yay me.

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