Friday, January 28, 2011

Squam, Artfest, Italy

there are so many fests, and art gatherings i want to go to.  which one to go to.  which classes to take.  there is so much out there i want to try.  one step at a time, right. 

so, i think i'll start with squam.  it's in new hampshire and close to boston.  this is the closest to toronto and we can drive down as a family.  we plan to spend some time in boston, and then the family can drop me off at the retreat on thursday, and pick me up on sunday, and off we go back home.  i've applied for this and this and this class.

my next trip is artfest.  i want to take this, this and this (but it's full so i'll take this).  how incredible. 

and my ultimate trip would be italy.  creating art in italy with artists i adore.  nothing can beat that.

in my 40th year i've become brave.  i'm taking my one word 'risks' to the limit and expanding my horizons.  earlier in life i never would have considered travelling on my own, let alone be brave enough to take an art class. with other artists.  but most of all brave in calling myself an artist. 

brave in my art.  brave in my heart.

if you're attending any of these events, please let me know which ones.  would love to know what you've chosen to take.. 

i've been creating stuff i never thought i would.  more to share soon.

have a happy friday,

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Brabarella Lingerie said...

ditto and i'm on cape cod so i chose squam as i've been considering it since the beginning and it's not too far away -- we'll be housemates and in penelope's class sat...lookin' forward to it -- now i have to figure out whether or not to resurrect my other blog...