Monday, January 3, 2011

i come from

- a long line of strong beautiful women who loved their families with absolute selflessness

- from a long line of strong men who worked themselves to the bone to support their families

- a place where family comes first before anything and treated with the utmost respect

- hard working parents who instilled in their children early in life the value of a dollar, and the value of a job

- long happy summers with scraped knees, barefoot, and tangled up long braids

- sibling rivalry

- of playing 'name that tune' with vinyl records and 45's with a portable 'bay city rollers' record player

- butterfly hunting with homemade nets, of hide-and-go-seek on summer night blackouts

- growing up in the 80's and white makeup and the smiths

- skipping class, going to U2 concerts and thinking we were 'cool'

- crab apple fights and going to the video game store to spend all our quarters

- coming home, leaving home

- long summer weekends at the cottage in the 1970 brown monte carlo, all 12 of us packed into the car including the dog

- mortadella sandwiches, chip sandwiches, bottles coke, and smushed up bags of chips to make them last longer

- an incredible university experience where i learned many of lifes lessons

- of late night bonfires

- tragic car accident and death

- drinking espresso, and big family dinners

- becoming a wife, and a mother of two

- losing myself

- finding myself

- deconstructing myself

- listening to my hearts whispers and 'stretching within'

- still searching

-still learning

-still finding

- loving life

now it's your turn.  where do you come from?


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Anonymous said...

lovely francesca!