Wednesday, January 26, 2011


on to week three of collage.  love love love this part of the course.  i'm going to use some of the images of the girls i sketched and reuse them in my collages.  it's so much fun just moving around papers and bits of stuff on your page until you love it, and then gluing them down and splashing paint over it.  it's fun.  it's freeing.  it's immensely fun.  i love it that i am using images that i've sketched making it more personal.  this piece i did really quickly.  i was so inspired to make a collage, but i wasn't doing a good job of staying in 'the zone' to finish it off like i would have liked. my attention was split between trying to satisfy my creative spirit and trying to keep two littles busy enough to give me time to finish.  it's a juggling act i tell ya.

so folks, i'll be 40 years old this week. yup.  the monumental 4-0.  i become an official quadrugenarian this friday.  funny how there are so many days when i still feel like i'm 20, and somedays where i feel like i'm 90. 

what are my birthday plans?  not sure.  so far friday night with the girls - all us aquarius girls.  looking forward to some good food and wine and i'm sure a few good laughs.

are you celebrating a birtday too this month?  any other fellow aquarians out there? 

happy Wednesday,

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