Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Completion Ritual

This is me. 39 year old me with all my perfect imperfections. Time to reflect on the old and ponder the new. Remember my completion ritual last year? Here are some of my reflections.

What do you acknowledge yourself for in regards to 2010?

- for speaking up for myself and demanding I be heard
- for making time for my art a priority
- for being brave in posting my portraits even though they were very amateur and certainly less than perfect
- for finding the new me. And redefining me in a way that more accurately represents me.
- for finding the best day care ever for my little girl
- taking pride in watching Xavier read and devour books
- for taking on-line classes with my favorite artists
- for purchasing my first piece of original art
- for finally getting my kids to sleep in their own beds (this was a BIG one for me folks)

What is there to grieve in 2010?
- I grieve an illness of one we hold dear that have left us feeling helpless and hopeless
- I grieve losing the baby-ness in my children and no longer being able to hold them to my chest as I sing them to sleep

What else do you need to say about 2010 to declare it complete?
I thoroughly enjoyed 2010.  It held a lot of happiness and joy, with just one touch of incredible sadness. I declare 2010 complete.

As I stand up I declare 2011 the year of taking risks, artistically, professionally, and personally. The dictionary defines risk as, "take or run a risk, to expose oneself to the chance of injury or loss; put oneself in danger; hazard; venture".

When I say risks I mean intentionally putting myself into situations that make me feel uncomfortable all in an attempt to assist my growth both in breadth and scope. I want to attempt things that will take me out of my ordinary and fling me into the extraordinary. I want to do things that'll push me out of my proverbial box. Yup folks. This is gonna be interesting.

Do you have a ritual that you do every year? If you do I'd love to hear about it. If youhave posted it to your blog please leave a link for me to come visit.

and just for fun, have you ever seen so many birds on a wire???  i thought it was the end of the world when i saw them flock like this above my head!!  but it sure made for an awesome iphone hipstamatic pic...

Happy day everyone,


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Anonymous said...

the "birds on a wire" is great! i love hipstamatic photos.
your words give me something to ponder. thoughts on 2010 and dreams for 2011.....i will post something soon on this (inspired by you).
one thing that will start the year off right is taking misty's class. which is how i found your blog from comments on hers.......anyway, what a great way to celebrate the new year!! peace~