Monday, November 29, 2010

stitchin' and bitchin'

quick.  look up.  see the blog header?  yeah, well, i'd made some little progress on it, but essentially still requires lots of attention to complete.  i think i kinda stopped because i was running out of little ideas to stitch.  so to remedy the creative block, i got me a couple of books.  and lo and behold i have found my embroidery mojo again.  just like that.

two reasons why i chose these particular books:

1)  seriously? because look at how damn cute the covers are
2)  because i'm slightly obssesive and can't just buy 'one' of anything
3)  because one comes with a cd choc-full of images you can resize in photoshop elements to resuse over and over again
4)  and because the other comes with a bunch of really awesome transfers ready to use

...and that's the truth folks.

so i've printed up my patterns and am ready and rearing to stitch and bitch tonite. cause i'm good at that (bitchin' that is, not stitchin'). 

btw, fact:  did you know you can use your laser jet printer to print up a pattern (reverse it if it's lettering), and iron it on to your fabric for an instant transfer?  well, i tell ya, i know that now.  and you know what that means.  anything that is printable is going to be ironed onto fabric.  cause i'm crazy like that.

happy monday,

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Anonymous said...

hi! i found you on misty's site.....i will be taking her on line class too and thought i would check out some of the peeps joining in. loving finding all the new fun blogs to look at. i'll check in often to see what's new here.