Monday, November 8, 2010

more journal pages

so I can post from my iPhone. Huh. how awesome is this.

i will admit I haven't done any scrapping lately. in large part because i haven't printed up any photos. but even more so because i haven't had any motivation to do so.

right now:

- really into playing in my journal after the kids go to bed and pulling out all my art supplies on my bed

- planning my 40th birthday trip to paris
- can't believe i'll be 40 this january
- loving my new short hair
- in love with shiva paint stiks
- planning on enrolling in two new courses - preferrably on-line (painting with Misty and perhaps a photog)
- i am in LOVE with meatloaf, especially this and this recipe
- am planning to use my slow cooker more often to help simplify my evenings
- love watching the kids participate and enjoy sunday mass, and catechism
- listening to xavier read to me from his goosebumps book series
- love finding xavier reading on the couch, or lying down on the carpet, or in his bed.  LOVE IT.

experimenting with my embossing tools and my stamps. and journaling. and drawing my 'pretty ladies.

when i get home today, i should have a lovely box waiting for me at my doorstep.  my monthly awesomeness that is studio calico november kit.
happy monday,

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