Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Merry Xmas to Me from Me

after checking misty's blog yesterday (a daily ritual, mind you), i noticed she'd posted more originals to her etsy shop


so i did what i had to do.  i put dom in a strangle-hold, wrestled his wallet out of his pocket, found my way to his credit card (because mine had to be shredded heehee), and single handedly made a successful transaction. 

so this sweet baby will arrive on my doorstep some day soon:

this is the reason why i picked up my paint brush.  this is the reason why i'm so inspired to paint faces.  this is the reason that i can't stop thinking about putting paint to brush, brush to canvas.  i find her work incredibly inspiring, to say the least, and choc-full of emotion. 

it's small but it speaks volumes.  so misty, if you're reading this, know she's found a good home where she'll be well loved. 

ok.  gotta go.  waiting at my front door.  is it here yet?????  lol  yes, i'm indeed insane.  i do declare.

love love love,