Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ABC Wednesday : Q

on january 28 i will become a quadragenarian.
huh? you ask.
yup, a qua-dra-gen-ar-ian, a person between the age of 40 and 49.
i will hit the big 4-0 mark.  40.  me?  really?  yeah, this is horrifying me just a 'little' bit.

to ease myself into quadragenery,  i am planning on a trip to good 'ol Paris.  i want to sit in a cafe and drink espresso, and journal, and people watch, and visit museums, and pretend i am a parisienne, and nod my head when people speak french to me like i understand.  wonder if my quebecoise will get me through.  smile.

ok.  off to enjoy a quarender (dark red apple) and some quirk (soft cheese made by skim milk) by the soft light of a quarion (candle).

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happy hump-day!



Roger Owen Green said...

The one place I need to go outside of the US is Paris. I always associate the Eiffel Tower with the Statue of Liberty - French connection, same year (1886).

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Sylvia K said...

I do LOVE Paris! Will never forget the time I spent there! Hope you have a terrific trip! And what a great post for the Q Day!! Enjoy!