Saturday, October 30, 2010

she's at it again

stayed up late last night playing with my shiva paint stiks.  they're oil paints, literally like a humongous crayon.  they're oil paint but so much easier to use and less mess than oil paints from a tube.  they're rich and creamy and blend super easy with just your finger.  love the soft creamy texture of them.

here's my girl.  i must say, i kinda like this one.  little by little i'm starting to like my ladies.  this one just seems so much more real to me, and closer to what i'm trying to achieve.  lots of work and practice still to do.  the eyes, the mouth... ugh.  the mouth.  it gives me trouble.  and the hair.  she looks like she's having hair trouble, just like me.  i can't get the hair thing right in real life either!  smile.

happy saturday, and hopefully you're out at a rip roaring halloween party.  have a brewsky on me, will ya!

later folks.


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Angela DiGiovanni said...

Aw! Well good for you for your determined effort! And, you are probably being too hard on yourself. I am going to attempt some mixed media art, and drawing some pretty ladies myself :-) Glad to know someone else who is trying too.