Thursday, October 28, 2010

playing with paint again

so i've been very inspired lately by mess:  the manual of accidents and mistakes by kerri smith.  you know, the one also responsible for wreck this journal.  if you don't know about it, and you like to play with art and experimentation, and creating out of your proverbial box, then you must run, not walk, over to kerri's blog.  go now.

anway, in the spirit of experimentation for the sake of experimentation and the love of playing with all things creative, i've taken out my journal and have been playing with paint, and journaling, and automatic writing, and it's been making me very happy.

i put the kids to bed at 8:30pm, and after that, it's my time to play.  i sit in my disheveled bed, open my journal, pull out my paints, and stay up until i can barely keep my eyes open. 

there is nothing super extraordinary about these pages.  it's just a fun way to try out new techniques, new products, test ideas.  and the best part, no pressure.  and learning along the way.

now you try.
get out your journal.  and don't think too much.  just do it.  if the blank page is intimidating, splash some paint on it.  drip some ink blots on it.  that should get your creative juices flowing.
lunch time. 

happy art'ing,

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