Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallows Eve

these two munchkins are all excited.  it seems even X is excited.  normally he doesn't care to go house to house, but seems this year he's looking forward to it.

E goes to all the neighbourhood houses and asks me to take pics of her alongside all the halloween props.  she's such a hoot.

i love her jesse and doggie alongside the rats.  this kid is hilarious.

yesterday X had a halloween birthday party at N's house, and they had a BLAST.

and whilst X partied, E got her long overdo haircut.

and after:

yes, the hairdressers were all dressed up in costume too.

can't wait for tonight myself.  E is gonna be the cutest little 'cat in the hat' and X the leanest and meanest 'iron man' ever.

happy, safe, candy full Halloween everyone!


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