Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Girls

still working on perfecting my girls. the look has kind of changed from when i first started. and yes, they all end up being self portraits, in a way. self portraits in the sense that the girls always manage to look the way i feel at the time. funny how that works for me. i couldn't paint a realistic drawing of someone if my life depended on it. but these made up girls. well these kind'a girls just come naturally. they're messy and choppy, but full of emotion. and that's why they're in my journal. drawing and writing at the end of my day just gives me some peace at the end of a very hectic, stressful day. not to mention that i've had one of the most stressful months in my life. this whole motherhood and work thing really isn't working for me. and i can't seem to find or strike a balance between motherhood, work, and my own space. there isn't enough time in the day and it's literally making me a miserable bitch these days. anyway. i know i'm not alone. i'm sure most mothers feel like this who have young children.

ok. enough of me whining. so here are a few of my most recent drawings. don't laugh. my sister hates everything i draw and tells me not to quit my day job. but it's not about technique, or ability, or wanting to be the best portrait drawer, it's getting your emotions out on paper in which ever way makes your heart happy. and right now, doing this makes my heart happy.

happy sunday everyone!

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