Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Countdown Begins

I'm counting down the days until my hair cut.  Two more sleeps to go!!  hehe

And my kids are counting down the days to Halloween.  Well not so much X, but E is sure counting down.  She's had her Cat in the Hat costume bought months ago, and worn about a million times already.  To get her to put away her costume, because it was getting ridiculous trying to take her costume off before bed time, I went out and bought her a halloween pajama.  For both her and X.  And it was a hit.  No more fighting and screaming for the cat in the hat costume at bed time.  lol

notice i've left in the red eye, it gives them a possessed look to add spook

We're on day two of both kids sleeping in their own beds without me sleeping with them until they fall asleep.  No more of that.  Bed time is 8:30pm, each in their own bed.  X is fine.  But E cried bloody murder the first night, "mommy, I need you", "mommy I have to go pee", and finally "mommy my arm hurts".  She'd get out of bed and I'd put her back in.  She'd get out and I'd put her back in times a million.  Two hours later she finally gave in, quieted down and off to sleep she went.  The 2nd night was the same but less intense and lasted on 1 1/2 .  So, I'm hoping that tonight, day 3, we'll get to sleep even sooner.  And one day sooner for me to have some me time in the evenings without being tied to one or the others bed.  Allelujah.  and Amen. Smile.

Adios amigos


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ocotober 2, 2010

Mark this date down in your calendars friends.

This is the day I finally take the plunge and cut the ponytail off. Yes, I know. You don’t believe me. I know what you’re thinking, “how many times has she said this before?”. Well, this time I mean it. The appointment is made. The hair is gonna go. And gonna go REALLY short. Gulp. Sweating a little bit. But I’m very excited about it.

When I get home right after my appointment I will post some pics. Hell, with my iphone4 I could post right from the chair as it’s happening. How excited are you to watch it all happen in real time. Hide (pro. Hee-day), cute stylist from Japan would love that!

Here are the two styles I’m contemplating:



When you're done reading this post, please vote on the style you like best - just look to the right (side bar), and place YOUR vote.  Let YOUR voice be heard, and VOTE today!

Whichever style gets the most votes by midnight Sunday October 1st, will be the hairstyle I get on October 2, 2010.

Ready to play?

Ready, set, go.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Girls

still working on perfecting my girls. the look has kind of changed from when i first started. and yes, they all end up being self portraits, in a way. self portraits in the sense that the girls always manage to look the way i feel at the time. funny how that works for me. i couldn't paint a realistic drawing of someone if my life depended on it. but these made up girls. well these kind'a girls just come naturally. they're messy and choppy, but full of emotion. and that's why they're in my journal. drawing and writing at the end of my day just gives me some peace at the end of a very hectic, stressful day. not to mention that i've had one of the most stressful months in my life. this whole motherhood and work thing really isn't working for me. and i can't seem to find or strike a balance between motherhood, work, and my own space. there isn't enough time in the day and it's literally making me a miserable bitch these days. anyway. i know i'm not alone. i'm sure most mothers feel like this who have young children.

ok. enough of me whining. so here are a few of my most recent drawings. don't laugh. my sister hates everything i draw and tells me not to quit my day job. but it's not about technique, or ability, or wanting to be the best portrait drawer, it's getting your emotions out on paper in which ever way makes your heart happy. and right now, doing this makes my heart happy.

happy sunday everyone!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labour Day Weekend Scrapping

It's windy and cool outside today. I've got the windows wide open. It's the labour day long weekend. And it's making me happy!

And has using my studio calico kits for these three pages I made recently. I was totally inspired by the awesome Keisha Campbell for these pages:

I love how she manages to use so many different papers on one layout. She's crazy talented. You must visit her blog here.

Back to cleaning out closets with clothes that no longer fit, socks that are single without companions, underwear that are ripped, and filling cupboards with new back to school clothes. Can't believe X starts grade 2 on Tuesday.

Summer is over.

I'm ready for fall.

Ready for a new season. New opportunities. Change.

happy weekend