Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Randomness

For lack of something really exciting and fabulous to tell you, I will show ya through pictures what's been going on in the Di Leo aka crazy household. And using my iphone4 nonetheless. Dang thing is awesome. I didn't know I could love a gadget so much. How does that even become possible?

This is me. All these pics from here on in are from my iphone. You can tell that I really suck at it and can't seem to focus properly!! This is me, right here, right now. Green is my favorite colour. It totally makes me feel instant comfort. You can so tell I'm due for a real haircut (yes, an ongoing issue for almost a year now), and a colour.

And my kids being their goofy selves. Not to mention they destroyed my most favorite $5 sunglasses (despite the fortune I spent on all the expensive namebrands, these remained my most favorite). Now they're gone. And I'm sad. But this sure is a funny pic of my two goofballs.

What really kills me is E's crystal necklace with a humongous E hanging. She looks totally hiphop. All she needs are the silver teeth, right dawg.

And my most favorite shoes of all time. I bought these beauties in Kensington Market. The only other shoes that I wear that get so much attention are my Fluvogs. But these pink beauties get comments such as, 'I LOVE those, where'd you get 'em?', to 'hmm, those. are. interesting' (laugh). They're pink, with silver flowers, with pearl centres, and I love them.

And here's E on her Cat In the Hat fanati-cat stage:

Not so sure the costume will make it to October!!!

And those of you out there who are into bugs. Ahh, what in the hell is this?? Is this that bug that 'buzzes' like a maniac, buzzes that can be heard all the way to the moon and back. We found it dead in our driveway. My sister says it's a treefrog?? gonna go look that up. But I would love to know what it is if you know.

Ok, another cooky pic of my X. With my now broken favorite sunglasses (no more). Dang.

Now that I've bored you to tears. I'll go back to playing with my iphone and purchase a few of the photog applications. Wooohooo... love you iphone4.

Until next time friends,


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Choupiesque said...

helllo, running from blog to blog...and is saw your bug! This a cigalle in French, not sure of the english word " cicadas".
You always find it in the south of france by the sea and the sun, where I live :)