Friday, August 20, 2010


I love the randomness of the photos i've been taking with my hipstamatic application. It creates these funky, artsy, vintage shots. and i'm totally loving it. you never know what you're really gonna get when you take the photo.

dom hates these pics of the kids sleeping. says it makes them look scary. WHA???? i love them. i think they're awesome.

the only way i can get a shot of x without running away is when he's sleeping.

this was using a different lens and film.

I could just do this alll day long, switching between lenses, film, and cameras. ha. hudda thunk this would be so much damn fun, and so dang easy.

this is me. my self portrait, alla shadow.

and my furry baby S.

and this is me going trigger happy, yes, even in the washroom at work. the mirrors here are huge.
ah, i see some sweet scrapping happening this weekend. yes sir.

funny. as an amateur photog, i wonder what real photog peeps out there think of these applications. if it makes them crazy. or if they appreciate the effects.


off to deal with my screaming children. dang.


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